How often is there going to be an option to buy a house on the river and greenbelt just five minutes from vibrant downtown Boise - and value can actually be added? The “River House” in my opinion was a must buy and a great opportunity. I will admit the bidding went way higher and faster than what I was expecting. I hate to lose and I'll be honest that was not going to happen on this home! Yay! We won. Now lets get to designing this bad boy.

This project seriously took a huge unexpected turn- Clint and I have never had this happen before- Literally we can not fix this and feel good about it. We have to start from scratch! On a positive note we get to start from scratch! Which means I get to design with no limitations 'except for Clint' :) But seriously this was very exciting to dream of what this amazing lot could become with some vision. I know for sure I want it to be very unique and unexpected. If there is one thing I hate it's predictable. This house will have tons of light, a great use of various materials and lots of added character. I am going to start with aggregate concrete flooring downstairs and planning a very unique stairway.

One of the main features I would love to see happen in this house is a concrete floating staircase. It will add uniqueness and character to this new build. I know its not going to be easy but that's why I have Clint. He has a plan and it will be beautiful. The overall feel of this home is going to be modern mixed with a lot of warmth and wood. I am placing a heavy emphasis on lighting to add texture and intrigue to the final product.

I couldn't be more proud of this home! Overall it feels and looks like nothing I have ever seen which ultimately was the goal. The truth is Miranda and I had no plans to ever buy this home for ourselves, but it has truly been such a blessing to our family. Its neat to look back at a lot of my design choices and to see the slight Asian influence joined with warm modern lines. We love our home and I am happy we over payed at the auction :)

Timber And Love