You pull up to a beautiful house of glass and the first thing you see is steel- This house is phenomenal and not because of how it’s built but because of how it looks!  Beautiful lines and all of those windows with a beautiful view. I love all of the homes we’ve renovated; but, give me a Mid-Century home any day… especially one with this much glass tucked into the mountainside.

I love the fireplace but I really don't care for this tone of brick- I love natural colors and elements in a home, but the pastel color of the stone just doesn’t work in my opinion and I really can’t imagine it ever working in any era.  So, I am planning on painting this stone to enhance this really cool feature and natural texture that it brings to the space.

Whatever else we have to do to this house, removing that wall is top priority.  If ever there was a kitchen and living area that needed to be opened up, this is it!  We’re going to transform this kitchen, and the floor-to-ceiling windows must be seen from every angle of this space.  This one design decision will completely change the feel and flow of this amazing mid-century.

Seriously.  The walk-out deck and view are great features, but there’s just no space to live.  We have to find more space in here.

I love how we’re enhancing the entire downstairs with more natural light and more natural wood elements.  It completely transforms the area from a cold afterthought to a warm functional extension of the upstairs.


Timber And Love